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Heel and Ankle Neoprene Hot/Cold Therapy Support

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OrthoSocks are excited to launce the NewGo Heel and Ankle Neoprene Hot/Cold Therapy Support is specifically designed to provide you relief where you need it the most. Applying ice packs and heat packs can be difficult, particularly if you have mobility issues. The Heel and Ankle Support has an adjustable velcro cover that allows you to secure it to your foot, giving you instant relief. 

Whether it's used as an ice pack or warmed in the microwave and used for heat therapy, the Heel and Ankle Therapy Support targets your pain relief where you need it. 


- Suitable for targetting plantar fasciitis, arthritis, swollen ankles, sports injuries, and general foot, ankle, and heel pain.

The reusable ankle ice wrap is crafted from durable & soft neoprene fabric with 1 separate gel pack. 

- Not to be worn whilst walking. The filling is made from proprietary spherical super absorbant polymer, Neoprene support and terry fleece fabric outer. 

- Premium material, lightweight and allergy-friendly

- Fully adjustable for a customisable fit on either your right or left foot.

- Comfortable to wear,  easy to apply to the ankle, and won't slip once on.

- The ankle ice wrap covers the entire foot and ankle area, providing heat or cold to the ankle, sole of the foot and medial arch of the foot.