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Compression Zip Stockings

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OrthoSocks Compression Zip Stockings are designed for customers who have difficulty putting their own compression stockings on due to mobility issues.

The stocking provides firm compression for increased blood flow and reduced swelling with the benefit of a zip for easy application. 

OrthoSocks Compression Zip Stockings are for people who suffer from: 

- Varicose Veins

- Diabetes

- Elderly and/or mobility issues

- Venous Disease

- Circulatory issues

- Painful or ugly swelling of the feet

- Pregnant women


OrthoSocks Compression Zip Stockings are trusted by thousands of customers with mobility issues across Australia. 

✔️Increased Circulation

✔️Support Aching Tired Muscles and legs

✔️Reduce Swelling/Fluid Retention in ankle and feet

✔️Ease Varicose Vein Discomfort

✔️Washable nylon & elastane, wash with your hosiery.

✔️ Reinforced heel for durability and support.

✔️ Single layer weave technology for breathability.