Why Podiatrists Love OrthoSocks


OrthoSocks value foot health, and want to ensure that our product is the right fit for our customers. We have engaged Podiatrist Dr. Rudo Makuyana (B. Podiatric Medicine), co-owner of The Foot Hub in Alexandria, NSW, Australia to provide some insight to help customers decide if OrthoSocks is right for them.

Dr Makuyana has over ten years experience working in podiatry and is committed to treating patients holistically, working with the individual rather than just the condition. She is passionate and vibrant, and we are honoured to have her expertise on board. Dr. Makuyana not only loves OrthoSocks for her patients, but wears them herself. She usually experiences discomfort/pain in her right foot by the end of the day in shoes without support, but OrthoSocks give her the right amount of support and stops the discomfort and pain.

Here’s why she loves OrthoSocks:

  • OrthoSocks can be worn with your existing shoes. If you need to wear non supportive shoes for a short period of time these are a great alternative for extra support.


  • OrthoSocks are at a good price point, offering an affordable option for adding extra support to regular shoes.


  • Wearing socks promotes good foot hygiene, reducing opportunities for tinea or fungal nail infections to develop.


  • They’re easily worn under a variety of shoes, requiring no permanent inserts or attachments to your regular footwear.


  • OrthoSocks offer an affordable solution for women who need extra support wearing dress shoes or ballet flats without support.

  • OrthoSocks offer a gentle support to the arch of the foot, worn easily under most shoes. The built in cushioning aligns with the foots natural arch, giving women the right amount of support in regular shoes.


  • As always, always speak to your podiatrist if you’re concerned about your foot health. OrthoSocks are designed for every day wear, but don’t replace professional individual medical advice or treatment.