How your foot and hip pain could be related to your spine.

I started going to a chiropractor a few weeks ago. I'll admit, at first it was because I realised it was a covered extra with my private health insurance which was due to expire at the end of the year. However, once I got there and he confirmed that my posture is TERRIBLE (I believe this is the medical term) that I realised perhaps I should have gone years ago.

So after he threw me down on the manipulation bed of torture and cracked my back just like the movies, he took x-rays. And the results? Well, they shocked me. 

I have bad posture. I know this. I assumed it was years of computer work, reading a phone hunched over and generally just not paying attention to the position of my spine. The results of the x-rays showed that whilst these factors contributed, the reality was, I had one leg shorter than  the other.

This threw my whole hips, pelvis, spine and neck out of alignment. It explains why I have sore hips, aching knees, and why my feet were always sore. (I'm sure my plantar fasciitis contributes too, but this wouldn't help)

I would post the picture of my x-ray, but honestly, I'm a little embarrassed of just how bad my posture is when in black and white.  


Now I'm assuming that this relates to a bad break I had at around four years old in my right leg. (Confirmed later with my mother who was *pretty sure* it was my right leg. I mean, pretty sure? Your oldest most beloved child suffered a significant break and you can't even remember which leg? But I digress) The break was over a growth plate and it looks as though it's impacted me decades later. 

The chiropractors solution? Orthotic inserts. Well, insert. I need a 4mm insert in my right shoe to even up my legs/hips/pelvis. This should bring me back into alignment and help reduce my aching knees hips and feet. 

I've ordered my inserts and will report back as to how I feel after a few weeks. In the mean time, I am pleased to report I can happily wear my OrthoSocks in the shoe without the orthotic. I'm going to test the shoe with the orthotic once I've settled into wearing the one insole. Stay tuned for the second part of this blog! 

Oh, and regarding my posture? I'm trying to be more conscious of it. The shame from seeing my hunched skeleton is not too far from my mind, which helps remind me to sit up straight, shoulders back. I'll update on that too. 

I've also stopped going to the chiro. My healthcare benefit hit the $ cap. Worth it for the x-rays though! 


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